Muna Abu Awad BCN, BSND

Muna is a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist with over a decade of experience helping individuals prevent and heal chronic conditions through proper nutrition. The connection between brain health is tightly related to what we eat. If we think of our brain as an expensive car, the brain can be damaged over time by poor nutrition, similar to a car engine with bad oil.

Proper nutrition is proven to increase mental stability as well as reduce stress. Other nutrition problems that negatively affect a person’s mental health include but are not limited to;  subpar gastrointestinal health (known as your second brain), chronic inflammation, oxidative stress, blood sugar imbalances, and nutrient deficiencies. Individualized nutrition plans are an optimal method to bring a chronic condition under control. Muna’s collaborative and personalized nutritional solutions provide her clients control of their emotional and physical wellbeing. Muna offers scientifically proven methods to assist her clients to make realistic changes that last a lifetime.


Areas of Experience